Burch Renovation Brand Identity

The Challenge

Burch Renovation is a remodeling company that launched in the highly competitive market of Marietta, GA. As they tried to carve their space, they had a need to have a brand that differentiated them from their competitors and that made a bold statement.

The Solution

Our market research led us to create a brand identity and positioning that stood out from anything that their local competitors were doing. We created a new logo and brand identity system based on a hexagon, a shape that is underutilized in the remodeling industry. We then layered in different patterns, shapes and photography that reflected the different trade disciplines that Burch Renovation brought together to turn their clients’ vision into reality.

Small changes make a big difference

The owners of Burch Renovation believed that making small renovations could radically transform the way that a home worked for the family who live there. So we created a tagline that encompassed that ideal, “Small changes make a big difference”. This became not just their tagline, but also a driving force in their strategy and marketing positioning.

Hex marks the spot

The renovation industry is full of logos that follow a similar style. Since Burch Renovation was a new remodeling company in the area, we wanted to make them stand out with a truly unique logo. We developed the mark around the shape of the hexagon, based on a client’s comment where he stated that he thinks of their team as “worker bees”. 

Creating the system

The hexagon shape and the concept of worker bees that inspired us to create a unique and versatile system for their brand. The thick outlined hexagons were combined to make a honeycomb pattern that was used as a background texture. We also created a hexmark, which became the default checkmark for bullets points. The solid hexagon became a container for images and solid colors, and the thin outline element added dimensionality, when used in conjunction to form an element cluster.

Professional look

The Burch Renovation team presents itself as a professional and caring group, so it’s important that their presentation reflects that when visiting a customer’s home. We developed vehicle wraps and uniforms for their team using the new logo and brand colors. 

Burch Renovation’s new website

As part of the launch of Burch Renovation, we developed a brand new website for them. The website told their story and showcased their values and methodology so that new customers understood why Burch Renovation is a different kind of remodeling company.

Renovating the remodeling industry

Burch Renovation is a company that believes in making your home work for your family. Their estimator will come to your home to discuss your project and the best way to accomplish it so that you can continue to live in the neighborhood you love. Located in Marietta, GA, they operate in the neighboring areas and are only a phone call away.

Project Managers: Jay Swartzell, Ken Fulcher, Randy Altamirano
Design & Strategy: Mass Appeal
Website: BurchRenovation.com

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