Burch Renovation Website

The Challenge

Burch Renovation was launching their company and needed to establish their presence online. Being a renovation company that focuses into small- to medium-sized remodeling projects that span various trade disciplines, they needed a way to explain the breadth of what they can do to customers without overwhelming them.

The Solution

We created a web strategy that collected the trade disciplines into different categories to help customers to self-sort as they navigated the site. We also chose to group some disciplines into project-types that could help the customers envision the transformations that their homes could go through.

Making it unique

By utilizing hexagons as image containers and even creating our own bullet point, the hexmark, we were able to take simple components of web content and make them unique. This quality mimicked the impact the care and thoughtfulness that the Burch Renovation team has when working on your home.

Focusing on what matters

Burch Renovation is a full-service remodeling company that focuses on small projects that can have a big impact on their customers lives. As such, they can work on projects that require various trade disciplines. We highlighted those disciplines in their individual pages, detailing exactly what Burch Renovation can do on each discipline to help their customers.

We also established pages for projects that combined multiple disciplines such as refinishing basements, remodeling bathrooms, decks & porches and age-in-place. Doing so allowed us to connect with customers in a different manner, and position Burch Renovation as a company that can transform your home. 

Method, not madness

Burch Renovation has developed a project process that sets them apart from other remodeling companies. Showcasing this process on the website let customers know that they were dealing with a professional and organized company. It also put them at easy by letting them know what they could expect to happen throughout the remodeling process.

Mobile first

As often is the case with consumer-facing websites, it was important that Burch Renovation’s website was designed with the mobile experience in mind. We ensured that the website was easy to navigate and scroll through, and that all the content was legible and accessible.

Burch Renovation’s new brand identity

The Burch Renovation team is proud to foster a culture of hard work in their team. They think of themselves as worker bees who work tirelessly and in unison to create the perfect hive. This idea inspired us to create the branding and to expand this concept into the website with the creation of elements that told that story visually.

Renovating the remodeling industry

Burch Renovation is a company that believes in making your home work for your family. Their estimator will come to your home to discuss your project and the best way to accomplish it so that you can continue to live in the neighborhood you love. Located in Marietta, GA, they operate in the neighboring areas and are only a phone call away.

Project Managers: Jay Swartzell, Ken Fulcher, Randy Altamirano
Design & Strategy: Mass Appeal
Website: BurchRenovation.com

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