Diakoneo Website

The Challenge

Diakoneo Capital, a new investment fund company, needed their website presence to act as the company’s front door for potential leads and clients. It also needed to convey complicated information in a way users could understand and to establish the company’s trustworthiness.

The Solution

We chose a clean and straightforward design to inspire confidence and carefully chose how the information was presented. Browsable content with an emphasis on values and process resulted in a site that shows off who Dianokeo Capital is and where they’re headed.

The visual key

The design is heavily influenced by large scale photography and lifestyle imagery, which adds a human touch to this more traditional sector. We used iconography to break up content into manageable sections and reinforced content related to core values with the use of brand colors.

A private investment fund company that also invests in our future.

Diakoneo is a private investment fund company that launched in 2017. They focus on delivering growth, preservation and impact. This means that not only does Diakoneo Capital help you maximize your investments, they also give half of their profits to local and global causes.
CEO: Jeff Kassen
CIO: Steven H. King
Web Development & Strategy: Mass Appeal

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