FoodSpell Website

The Challenge

FoodSpell, a new company created out of love for travel and cooking, needed a site to launch its business in Atlanta. As a startup, the website needed to draw in new customers and create a visual splash that was as enticing as the recipes shared in its “at your home” classes.

The Solution

The key to drawing in first-time visitors was using beautiful food imagery in combination with catchy headlines. The copy was then written in a straightforward way to explain FoodSpell’s concept of traveling the world and meeting new cultures through food. The website contains client testimonials and images of previous events to familiarize customers with their proposition.

Sharing the joy

Food is better enjoyed with company, and the goal of FoodSpell is to create experiences for their customers that are shared among friends. It was important to have imagery that not only showed food being cooked, but also being shared.

Call to action

Every page on the site features a prominent call-to-action. As a service-based company, visitors should always be able to easily contact FoodSpell at any point while they’re on the site. We wanted to ensure potential clients were never more than one click away from booking their next class.

Cooking classes with an international twist

FoodSpell cooking classes immerse the customer on the native culture of the dish being cooked. Customers experience the culture and learn some of the language, all while experiencing an interactive and enjoyable cooking lesson.

Tiffani Bryant
Web Development & Strategy:
Mass Appeal

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